Monday, July 13, 2015

Photo An Hour

I wouldn't say this was necessarily a 'typical' day here in Nicaragua. But it was a rainy Saturday that we spent all together, at home. It was our first weekend together after two months of traveling.

4:00 AM. It gets light very early here. Isla wakes up at the crack of dawn, and has started crawling in bed with us. We're currently rolling with it, since it buys us an extra hour of sleep.

5:00 AM. Stepping over last night's mess.

6:00 AM. Eating $5 worth of Cheerios.

7:00 AM. Ian-buddy, still sleeping.

8:00 AM. Play-Doh with Daddy, that ended with filming a Godzilla short.

9:00 AM. Trying to dry the laundry that got rained on on the line yesterday.

10:00 AM. Blocks and Trash Truck, always.

11:00 AM. Still not dressed, yesterday's bobby pin hanging from my hair.

12:00 PM. Lunch. They maybe ate the crackers.

1:00 PM. Dishes.

2:00 PM. Chocolate chip cookies, from scratch. It was my first attempt in Nicaragua, partially because I knew the recipe wouldn't turn out the same. We'll do some tweaking, and import some shortening.

3:00 PM. Our time out corner tends to get a lot of action in the afternoon/evening.

4:00 PM. Cookies. (While I got dinner ready?!)

5:00 PM. Dinner.

6:00 PM. Volcano experiment. Which turned out to be very emotional - apparently it reminded them of the volcano short from Inside Out.

7:00 PM. Cozy Nest.

8:00 PM. Bath.

9:00 PM. Craft.

10:00 PM. Homeland.

11:00 PM. Homeland.

12:00 PM. Pick up (just a little bit) before bed.

(I know, I know. We go to bed late.)

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Love it. Love you!