Friday, August 05, 2011

Hotel Baptist

So what have the cutest yet-to-be-born babies on the planet been up to this week? Just hanging out at the hospital, kicking away, passing all their tests with flying colors and showing off their sweet profiles in ultrasounds.

We've been at Baptist for a week, and everything is going better than expected. I'm 31 weeks along, and showing no signs of preterm labor. The doctors continue to monitor the twins' growth, and keep a close eye on Ian's umbilical cord function. They didn't expect it to improve, but it has, and the doctors are very pleased. We'll still be in the hospital until delivery, which will likely be between Aug 11-25. The babies will need some time in the NICU - maybe 2-4 weeks.

The thing is... we can't help feeling thrilled and incredibly grateful. We are so thankful the doctors caught this umbilical cord issue. And we couldn't be in a more comfortable, competent hospital. I keep thinking I'm on a cruise (minus the laying out by the pool, plus fetal heartrate monitors and consults from excellent doctors). I can't believe how very dedicated the doctors and nurses are to caring for us, and monitoring the babies closely so they have time to mature in utero. Access to this level of healthcare is truly humbling.

We're also amassing quite a library of ultrasound pics, and we love looking at them. I'll see if I can post a few from the hospital... (You are not even going to be able to stand it. They are so cute!)


Dad/GP said...

Sure glad you are posting so we can follow. And, absolutely thrilled that prayers are being answered - Ian's cord is still doing well.

Love you, all 5 of you, and will keep the prayers up, constantly and steadily.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to see and hear! I cannot wait to meet those sweet babies! We love you, all of you!!!

Elizabeth said...

I guess we were out of town and had no idea you were at the hospital. I'm so glad you are doing okay and that the babies seem healthy. Love the sweet names you have picked out! Rest, rest, rest!

Kara Sheets said...

I loved being in the hospital post-delivery, so I am sure being there right now is kind of like a cruise! I'm glad to hear I & I are doing so well. What a blessing that they can be monitored so closely. Enjoy these last couple of weeks...things are about to be happily chaotic! : )