Friday, October 24, 2008

Three letter word: J O B S !!!!

While we obviously haven't been working hard on our blogs lately, we are working hard; as we are now both officialy gainfully employed! (cue cheering and applause)

With just a few weeks of being stateside under our belts, we have both landed jobs that we are really excited about.

Holly is working at Catholic Charities, and is a Care Coordinator for the Bridges to Care program. Basically, she helps uninsured patients get connected with clinics and doctors who will bill on a sliding scale. It's a great program and Catholic Charities has an amazing track record for service to underserved communities. She is working in a mostly hispanic area of town, where she gets to use her Spanish all the time. Perfect, huh?

I (TJ) have been hired as the Young Adult and Spiritual Development Minister at the Otter Creek Church. Basically, I'll be working with our College, Singles, and Young Married's groups.I am really passionate about getting people connected to a church body during these three key transitional times. We are also really excited to be working for OtterCreek, where we were members before we left,and one of the churches that supported us so well while we were in the Dominican.

Life is still pretty topsy-turvy, as we get used to being in the flow of American style worklife, and look for a place to live (rent? buy? pitch a tent?). We miss our friends (the little and the big ones) in the Dominican, and we haven't gotten used to the cold weather, but we love being near our Nashville friends, and are already looking forward to our first Thanksgiving with family in two years!


Kristen said...

Colt and I are both Super-Excited for you guys! The jobs sound like good fits for each of you! Congratulations! We hope to chat or see you soon. We're headed to ACU Homecoming tomorrow morning, wish you could be there!

Anonymous said...

WE are looking forward to seeing you over the Thanksgiving break, also!!
Yeah, for the jobs! God is taking care of both of you every step of the way....just as he promised!
We miss the "littles" and the "bigs" in the DR and continue to pray for all of them. Someday, we will all be together, again, either here on earth, or in heaven. Each of them has left an indelible mark on all of us.
Welcome Home!

tine said...

Congratulations on your jobs...those sound so perfect for you both and your individual gifts. We hope that you guys are getting somewhat settled back into life in "the states"...I can imagine it is an overwhelming culture shock. Good luck on finding a place of residence. Hopefully in the not too far off future we can make another visit that direction to see you guys!

Josh Ross said...

That's awesome, bro.
Let's talk soon

jocelyn said...

Great news on the jobs! Thinking about you guys as you continue the transition back to the States.

The Gibsons said...

Holly Michelle Lewis McCloud! How do I get in touch with you? I have important and exciting news (that should be making its arrival in June!) and I want to tell you about it! You can visit me at or email me at my old Baylor account. I miss you!!!!!
~ Jordan